Our LiveGood Text Marketing Script

Text your contacts the following text - Each person - 1 at a time. No mass texting please.

Text 5 people per day (5 is the minimum if you want to run fast) the following:

You Text: Hey _______, I just came across a company that grew to 420,000 people in less than 6 months. I think we can make some serious money here. Can I send you some information?

Them: Well, can you tell me about it?

You Text: Yes, but that would defeat the purpose of the automated system ;-) Here's the link.
Opt-in to get the details. You're gonna love it: (Your Capture Page. It can be the one without the form)

NOTE: DO NOT just text people your link. You must wait to hear that they’re interested. When your prospect said, "Can you tell me about it", they are interested.

If they don't opt-in to your page, text the following a few hours later;

______, I hope you had an opportunity to watch that short video. I am serious about making this happen and I’d love for you to join me, or at least get me a few referrals.

Remember: The magic is in the Follow-up, so is the FORTUNE!
(Your Autoresponder does the Follow-up for you)

That’s it!

RINSE & REPEAT Until you reach the income level you desire.

It all adds up and yes, it's worth it!